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Dimension Lumber Grader Training and Improvement

This site is about softwood dimension lumber grading. If you want to learn to grade dimension lumber, or if you just want to become more knowledgeable of the grading rules, the defects and characteristics of lumber, the terminology and theory of dimension lumber grading then this course is for you.

The ALEX program is designed for those who plan to become qualified dimension lumber graders and/or to improve experienced graders; however, it is useful to anyone who wants to learn more about lumber grading. It is an excellent tool to prepare graders for agency and mill certification or for Canadian grading tickets. Completing the ALEX course as a student is an ideal way to enhance your qualifications when seeking employment at a production mill in any capacity; as a laborer, in sales, quality control, management, supervision, or any other job requiring an understanding of softwood dimension lumber. RightCall will provide a “Certificate of Completion” to use on your résumé when you finish the course requirements for a student.

Other users include those learning to become lumber inspectors and the buyers and sellers of lumber. Wholesalers, retailers, homebuilders, students and educators in the forest products industry have all found the course to be a unique and valuable tool.

It is incredible, - there is nothing like it anywhere.

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