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In addition to computer based grader training courses, Grading Consulting Group, Inc. can provide on site grader evaluations, training and improvement.

We provide a variety of training and technical services relating to lumber grading, lumber production, quality control, quality auditing and inspection.

Our services include expert technical assistance in grading and quality control issues, consulting, legal and technical services related to the production, distribution and sale of lumber.

These services are available to inspection agencies, rules writing agencies, corporate and privately owned mills, wholesalers and retailers of lumber, government agencies, and individuals throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

GCG, Inc. - Who We Are

Charles Miceli, President. GCG, INC. - Montgomery, AL
Maurice Van Hall
, Owner. Clearwater Lumber Consulting - Meridian, ID

Maurice Van Hall, former ALSC Inspector and Charles Miceli, former SPIB District Manager and President of Grading Consulting Group, Inc. have teamed up to provide a host of technical consulting services relating to lumber grading, training, lumber production, quality control, quality auditing and inspection. We each have 35 plus years of experience in all aspects of lumber quality control, auditing, inspection, and training services.

Good_Picture1.jpgChuck Miceli’s diverse background in the forest products industry includes 15 years experience with the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau, the last 10 of which as a District Supervisor. Chuck Miceli produced the first computer based training and improvement programs dedicated to Softwood Dimension Lumber Grading for the Forest Products Industry. Miceli has over 35 years of education, research, training, and consulting experience in forestry, wood science, lumber production, lumber inspection and quality control. He has personally trained and supervised dozens of lumber inspectors, and hundreds of lumber graders for the lumber industry throughout the United States and Canada. He has worked as a training consultant, expert witness, Quality Control Manager, research assistant, and sales representative.

Maurice.jpgMaurice Van Hall has 40 years of experience in various arenas, beginning in 1971 as a lumber grader. Maurice then joined American Lumber Standards Committee and served for 20 years in various capacities while grading lumber in all areas of the United States and Canada. This allowed him to become familiar with the commercial species and the grades promulgated by the various rules writing agencies and to develop contacts and relationships with a number of people who are agency heads and experienced technical people in lumber related areas. Beginning in 1996 he joined Idaho Timber Corporation and ran their corporate QC program. He became VP of production and quality control during this time and also traveled extensively around the world seeking and finding wood products for various programs at the 11 facilities around the country. This gave him valuable insight in the demands and needs of the private sector. He also served on the Board of Directors of WCLIB during his time at Idaho Timber. In 2010 he left ITC and has been doing consulting work and improving quality and production at lumber facilities in the south and west.

We Train and Improve Lumber Graders at Your Site.

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